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Previous Students

Daniel is an exceptional teacher and a friend. Daniel’s genuine understanding of my situation and trust in my ability to learn English empowered me to work really hard on achieving the IELTS score that I required. I admire Daniel’s strong commitment to helping his students achieve their English goal in a limited timeframe.
I still remember my first lesson with Daniel at the State Library. I was very impressed when he told me about his methodology and material, which was perfect for the score I needed. Thanks to his professionalism, I got the score I needed in my first and only IELTS test.
Daniel gave me materials to suit my needs and helped me to develop my writing and speaking skills. He is very focussed on improving your weak points. I recommend his one on one class to people who need to do well in IELTS.

Current Students

Daniel gives me the feeling that I will go into my IELTS test and be sure about passing it at the level that I want. I did not have a clue about what the examiner would expect from me when I met him the first time, but now, just after a few sessions, I know exactly what I have to do to be well prepared. Daniel helps me specifically with the parts I have problems with, to find out where the issues come from and he tells me what I can do to improve in these individual areas. I am glad I made the decision to work with Daniel to get ready for my IELTS test.
I have been studying with Daniel for a month and I can definitely say he is one of the best tutors I have ever seen. The most important things for me are he knows what you need, responds to feedback instantly and explains your mistakes clearly. If you are looking for a personal trainer who is patient, experienced and creative, I strongly recommend him as an IELTS tutor.
I was fed up spending my time on things that I’d already known in English courses. Luckily I’ve found Daniel who is a great teacher, shows me the things that I need to know and my mistakes.

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