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Q. How many IELTS test preparation lessons will I need to get the scores I want?

A. Some students only need a few weeks but others require a few months. The answer is difficult to provide before the first lesson. This is due to a few reasons.

First, whilst some students are quick learners, others need more time to digest and remember information.
Secondly, certain areas can be improved upon relatively quickly whereas others may need more time.
Thirdly, students who do all of the homework quickly often make more rapid progress than those who work slowly.

After the first IELTS lesson, I can give you an estimation of the number of lessons you should take and how long it will take.

Q. How can I improve my English for the IELTS test?

A. Put simply, the right practice is the key to your success. The right practice means working on your weaknesses and taking into account your learning style.

For instance, if you need to improve your vocabulary and you are an auditory learner, I will show you a strategy that incorporates your learning style, and it can work for you.

Q. Can I receive IELTS coaching in only one module of the IELTS exam, such as writing?

A. Yes, we can focus on only one area if that is what you need. I am very flexible.

Q. Can a lesson last for less than an hour? What about a lesson in excess of an hour?

A. Students usually study with me for one hour, but it is possible to do spend more or less time than that. It depends on you.

Q. Should I buy IELTS materials and bring them to our sessions?

A. No, you are given materials which cover all areas of IELTS test preparation.

Q. Can I get public transport to 530 Collins Street?

A. Yes, there are trams that run along Collins Street, and Southern Cross Station is close by.

Q. Can I have a consultation to discuss my situation with you?

A. This is not usually necessary because we can discuss it over the phone.
However, if you really think it is necessary to meet me in person for a quick chat, it is possible.

Q. Should I bring my statements of results from previous IELTS tests?

A. As long as you know your results, it is not necessary to provide those certificates.

Q. Can I take IELTS preparation classes with a friend or a group of people?

A. I prefer to work with one student alone because that is the best way for him or her to receive individualised instruction.
In other words, nothing compares to one-to-one IELTS coaching.

Q. If I want to make a booking, what should I do?

A. Call me on 0416 822 202.

Q. What should I take to my first IELTS lesson?

A. You ought to bring a notebook, a pen and a highlighter.

Q. What should I bring to subsequent IELTS lessons?

A. Bring your notebook, something to write with, the materials I have given you, and your homework.